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Mesh Wi-Fi

Updated: Apr 30

What is Mesh Networking, Mesh WiFi or Nodes? Ever wonder which term to use or which one is the correct. Simple they all have the same meaning no matter which way you say it. Are all mesh networks created equal? "No" Simple way to describe mesh network, first you start with the main gateway which connects to your service provider that provides you the internet. I usually call it the ant queen. The second, third and fourth and so on... Are called nodes. Nodes are described as the queens kids which can create a very large colony and communicate back to the queen. Having nodes through out your entire house will communicate back to the main gateway to receive instructions and let them know what to do to provide wifi in that specific area.

Now why all mesh networks are not created equal. Some of the new mesh networks out there have a technology called MIMO. Which should be your ideal product because it improves the quality for each user trying to get internet to there device. It provides independent communications for each device in the house VS sharing the same signal going to all the devices in the house at the same time. It's like having several cars going down the Dallas North Tollway in one lane. We all know what that's like. Which is why we have 3 to 4 lanes to make that traffic flow smooth.

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