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Market Solutions 

Here at Avpstechnologies we understand the specific demands that many industries require. Every project is it's own blueprint which makes every project unique. With our vast experience and background in the audio video industry we are here to provide you with all the services and support you may need . Keep us in mind for your next AV project. We can handle the design, building and support aspects of your project. Audio visual continues to evolve and it takes a certified & skilled professionals to do the job right. We are here to simply your experience and have control at the palm of your hand. 

avpstechnologies Dallas Services



Team Brainstorm

Here at Avpstechnologies, the design stage is the most important part for an audio video system. Gathering all the data needed to create a proposal that is functional and fits the desired budget. 


Electrical Inspectors

When it’s time to build the space, we make sure it’s the seamless part of your overall building project. No loose ends, no missed dates.


Customer Support Representative

We value lasting relationships with our clients, so we stand behind our work. The quality of our workmanship, products and the services we offer is what sets us apart from the competition 

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