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Networking & WiFi

Avpstechnologies a Dallas, TX based company. Providing network and wifi solutions for your Univrsity Park home

Having the right networking solutions are the key factor to a stable and secure connection.  Providing a stable wifi connection to every device in a home is paramount. Doing so is crucial that Wi-Fi is covered from one side of the house to the other creating a reliable and stable network.  

Network Product Solutions for Every Space: 

  • Wired Solution

  • Wireless / Mesh Solution for home that structured wiring is not possible.

  • Wired Access Point solutions 

  • Remote Manageable system

  • The right Gateway to a stronger and reliable network

Avpstechnologies based in North Texas. Continues to provide clients exceptional  services from start to finish and continued support. Schedule your site survey today and see how we can improve your Wi-Fi & networking experience . Click here to contact us!

Network Solution Brands

Ubiquiti, Avpstechnologies brand
eero, Avpstechnologies brand
LUXUL, Avpstechnologies brand
Araknis Networks, Avpstechnologies brand
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