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Integrating Audio To Your Outdoor Space

Updated: May 8

Episode Bollard 360 degree lighting & Music | Avpstechnologies University Park, TX

Episode Radiance Outdoor Bollard Speakers (Image Above)

Spring is right around the corner. It's going to be time to BBQ, layout by your pool or enjoy a cocktail with friends and family. Music is a must when you want to enjoy the great outdoors. Outdoor solutions has evolved when it comes to design and aesthetics. You no longer have to carry out out a portable speaker. Then connect your phone to it and hope the music stay connected when you walk away.

Outdoor solutions can be integrated in to any space. Episode Outdoor Bollard Speakers are partially exposed speakers that provide 360 degrees of sound. If your also looking in to integrating landscape lighting to your outdoor space. Episode Outdoor Bollard Speakers have the option to add Lighting with out trenching or spending the extra cost for lighting equipment. So have an all in one product but have independent control between music and lighting.

Episode Landscape lighting for any commercial or residential space | Avpstechnologies Dallas, TX

Episode Radiance Outdoor Bollard Speakers with Landscape lighting option (Image Above)

You will ask your self. I have the equipment but how do I control my music and lights? We integrate a music source that's easy to use and is not limited to streaming services. Sonos is a great music source. Providing from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or Pandora.. Set a playlist and let it play and you wont have to worry about your music cutting out. That takes care of your music. Now you need to control lighting. Simple, integrating Lutron RadioRA 3 Outdoor Smart Plug. With Lutron you can program your landscape lights to automatically turn ON & OFF.

How do you make all this work in your home?

Avpstechnologies is trusted audio video Dallas, TX based professional brand. We are here to help and give ideas and design the right outdoor audio system.

Contact Avpstechnologies so we can schedule your in home consultation and answer any questions you may have.

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