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Classroom Solution

Classroom solutions for every course and classroom size.  Instant presentation either wireless or wired with auto scaling. Audio video presentation that can be sent wired or wirelessly from any part of a classroom. Integration of audio solutions to capture your audience's attention. Providing simple control during your presentation

School Class Room Products and Services, Avpstechnologies
Classroom Layout

1. Short Throw Projector

Providing an optimal picture resolution within a short distance, with high lumens while maintaning class room lights on.

BENQ Short Throw Projector Avpstechnoloi

2. Class Control Panel

Control any device in a room from volume, source selection to room lighting.

RTI CX10 Touch panel

3. Wall Controls

Room wall control felxability engaging volume control and source selection localy. 

RTI RK1 Panel, Avpstechnologies brand

4. Class Room Audio

Providing optimal audio per room specifications, and keeping your audieance engaged. 

In-Ceiling Speakers
Educational Audio Visual Brands
Samsung, Avpstechnologies brand
Atlona, Avpstechnologies brand
RTI, Avpstechnologies brand
Lutron, Avpstechnologies brand
QSC, Avpstechnologies brand
URC Control, Avpstechnologies brand
Apple TV , Avpstechnologies brand
episode, Avpstechnologies brand
Ubiquiti, Avpstechnologies brand
benq, Avpstechnologies brand
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