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Streamline Your Work From Home Space

Updated: May 3

Collaboration Workspace, Dallas, TX

Home office video conferencing

smart home design conferencing solution | Avpstechnologies

Online meetings using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms are an important part of the remote working professionals. Over time, huddling over a laptop screen and camera can become fatiguing, especially when having to participate in several hours of meetings each day.

You might think it would require an overwhelming amount of equipment & functionality to make it work. As simple as placing a HD camera over your TV, a couple of other items to plug & play your Windows or Mac laptop and your ready to go. Increasing your productivity on a day by day basis.

Avpstechnologies can help you implement these collaborative technologies for your employees. Click here to reach out to us so we can integrate home conferencing for your Dallas, TX business.

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