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Conference Room Solutions

Conference room solutions for every work space. We understand that all work spaces are different, connecting several laptops to one or two displays. Easily change sources with high quality audio video provided for every conference room. Integration of wireless presentation over wifi with no cables. Zoom call on one side and presentation on the other side. With crystal clear audio and integration of noise reduction microphones for a clear understanding of the presenter. We can also integrate an interactive conference room scheduling system. Providing employees the ability to schedule a meeting room right outside the conference room with an Atlona Velocity 8" Touch Panel. Let us design and build your next cutting edge conference room. 

Full service conference room integration solutions for conferences in Dallas, TX. Integreation of Zoom calls with audio system.
RTI CX10 Touch panel cutting edge control system


CX10 Touch Panel

Atolna Video Conferencing & Collaboration system in Dallas Conference room


Collaboration System

Klipsch in ceiling speaker IC_650T avpst



Round table box interface providing easy connectivity for every conference or board room table


Round Table Box Interface



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