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It's Time To Spend More Time Outside Avpstechnologies has outdoor tv ideas for patio

Updated: Apr 29

It's about that time to convert your indoor entertainment and move it outside. Enjoy the great summer weather. You might have a covered patio or an open concept patio. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor TV's. Here at Avpstechnologies we have outdoor tv ideas for patio. Outdoor TV's come in all sizes and options based on location. You might have a patio that's covered which wont require a high NIT count. You might want us to install an outdoor TV right in-front of your pool. Which would require an outdoor TV to have a high NIT. The higher the NIT just means a brighter image. You want to be able to enjoy your TV when the sun is completely out.

You might ask yourself how am I gong to get cable or satellite TV to my outdoor TV. We have the solution for you. We have an array of outdoor Smart TV's that will work best in your outdoor space.

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