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Are you planning for outdoor entertainment this sum summer?

Updated: Apr 30

Outdoor Entertainment, Dallas, TX

Outdoor smart landscape speakers in Southlake, TX | Avpstechnologies

Outdoor audio for every space

Sound coverage for every landscape. Top performance landscape speakers designed and engineered for ultimate sound. Speakers that can handle every outdoor element. Bring your indoor whole house audio to your outdoor space. Landscape satellite speakers are designed to be spread around your entire landscape to provided even coverage. Have you noticed when you place one or two speakers nearby so you can provided enough sound so everyone can hear but when your the one that's next to the speaker you cant even hear your self speak.

With landscape satellite speakers they can be spread around your backyard. So you can provide equal amount of sound. Without turning up the volume all the way up so everyone can hear it. In between every 5 to 6 satellite speakers place an in-ground subwoofer to provide deep rich sound.

When you have music playing outside and listening to your favorite genre and you have someone that wants to listen to that inside. Well it's possible. Group your music from any part of your home.

Interested in bringing this to your Dallas, TX home. Let's schedule a consultation to walk your space and see how we can transform your backyard. Contact us: Schedule Consulation


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