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Remodeling Anytime Soon? We Have Great New Technology We Can Integrate into Your Remodel.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Upgrade Your Audio Video Entertainment

System With Some of these Options

Most of remodeling plans start small scale and then they might turn into a large scale project. You probably asked yourself this question: "I'm only going to do this once right? So I might as well go all out". Installing new countertops or light fixtures and even door handles increase the resale value of your home. What about the technology part of your home?

As AV technology continues evolve and the vast of that technology we use everyday it's also time to upgrade those essential items in your University Park, TX home. Many of the AV solutions are thinner which can be implemented into part of your home remodel. Many interior designers want the least amount of visibility when it comes to AV solutions. We have some AV solutions that can be implemented in your next remodel.

Smart Home Automation Upgrades:

Lighting control is an essential part of your home remodel. Not only having the ability to turn lights ON or OFF from your phone but also have the ability to schedule common area lights or outdoor light. It also increases your energy efficiency level. As well as turn OFF commands when your already in bed. "Alexa Goodnight" or "Alexa Good Morning".

Outdoor Entertainment:

Your next remodel would be your outdoor living space with a custom patio. Integrate an outdoor all weather SunBrite TV great picture quality for outdoor lighting and no matter if it's summer or winter weather. SunBrite TV's are up to the task. With great picture quality, needs high quality sound for outdoor entertainment. We can provide you with unbelievable sound quality Sonance Landscape Speakers. Which can blend in with your landscaping and provide equal sound dispersion around the pool and patio.

Theater Room:

Some people might say what can I change in the theater room nothing has changed. False statement. Audio & Video equipment have evolved in the past few years. The Video stand point now brings 4K projectors with 4K specified projector screens, 4K HDMI cables and UHD BluRay Players. Most of your streaming content now is in 4K, so having the right video equipment for your theater room is essential. From your audio stand point there is new sound processor Dolby Atmos which most movies or series are now imbedded with. To provide you with high end sound experience. We carry all the necessary audio equipment from certified audio receivers and Dolby Atmos in wall speakers. So we can definitely help integrate these new solutions in to your space.

Indoor Living Space TV's:

As TV's have gone larger and economical. We still have that one request from interior designers can you hide it? The question to all interior designers the answer is YES. We can provide you with the latest 4K UHD HDR Frame TV. A TV that looks like a picture frame in which there are pre manufactured magnetic frame colors to better blend in. Also provide you with Art to display so if you want to relax, read a book and listen to music; you can do just that. We can provide you with our in home consultation, measure out your space and recommend that right size Frame TV with customizable frames.

We are here to assist you with your next remodeling project. Click Here to reach us through our contact page or Chat with us.

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