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Smart Home Design Control Solutions by Lutron

Lutron Lighting, Avpstechnologies | Dallas, Texas

Design Options

Providing an array of contemporary options to traditional designs for all smart light switches, dimmers, keypads and remotes.

Available Color Options

Over twenty colors available to match

every space.  Smart home design has never

been easier with Lutron RA3

Music & Lighting Integration 

Integration of music & lighting  has never been easier. Enjoy the the right genre with the perfect ambient light with just a touch of a button

Smart lighting control by Lutron elegant contemporary design. Giving you flexibility to turn lights on for added security directly from the Lutron app or Pico Keypad in any part of your house. Create schedules for all the lights to turn On/Off or create light scenes for every occasion. Lutron motion sensors can be integrated to turn lights on during the night when you wake up to get a glass of water. Full control of your system right from your smartphone. Lutron smart home lighting products have changed how we can control lighting in our homes. 

Lutron Lighting Avpstechnoloiges Brochure
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